Become an Instructor

Become a UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor 


UK Sniffer Dogs mission statement

To improve dogs’ lives through nosework. By applying our knowledge as dog trainers and scent instructors, we have developed a program that will enable owners to give their dogs positive scent experiences, not only teaching them to work and play with scent, but using scent to rectify problems in pet dogs when it comes to behaviour. 

The Power of Nosework is endless!

Whats Involved?

We have designed 3 programmes for you and your clients to work your way through BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD Levels. 

Each level is split into Series: 

Bronze = Series 1 & 2 

Silver = Series 3 & 4 

Gold = Series 5 

After each Level (Bronze, Silver, Gold) you will run a Trial for your clients to partake in should they wish to, where on successful completion they will gain a UK Sniffer Dogs pin badge and Rosette. 

As an instructor you will have to attend and complete our Bronze Instructors course before you can attend our Silver Instructors Course and Silver before Gold. 

On our courses we will give you the knowledge and tools to run Workshops, Classes and Trials 


Attendees should have with quailfications with the APDT, IMDT, SCS, VSA, PPG, PPN, ICAN , ISCP or scent qualifications such as WSDA Intsructor, Scentwork UK, UKCSD  or any other form of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Association.