My name is Jamie, I am the Founder and Head Instructor at UK Sniffer Dogs, myself and Gemma set up UK Sniffer Dogs in 2018.

We have successfully been running our dog training company for pet dogs in Hertfordshire for many years now, however our passion lies in Scentwork.

Over the years we have added more and more scentwork classes to our timetable and they have quickly become our most popular, sell out classes which is how UK Sniffer Dogs came to be what it is today.

Through many years of research, trial and error we have found a formula that works for pet dogs and their owners. We are so passionate about the benefits of scentwork not just for dogs but owners also, that we decided to create a programme for dog owners across the UK to work with as well as training other pet dog professionals so that they could join us on our mission to make scentwork accessible to all.

We have found the benefits of scentwork to be endless, in our behaviour work we have resolved countless issues with reactive dogs, nervous dogs, overly excitable dogs and some of our more challenging behaviour cases. Vets and other pet professionals are also recommending puppies, elderly dogs and dogs with injuries/illness to our classes/courses as it is a low impact sport ideal for those who may be less active. As a pet dog owner there isn't a dog that is excluded and as a pet dog professional your client base is limitless. 

In general our UK Sniffer Dog classes are the most fun, the most rewarding for dog and owner and highly addictive, you have been warned!

You can get involved by either finding your nearest instructor on our user friendly "find an instructor" page or you can sign up to our Online course and work your way through the levels in the comfort of your own home.

If you are a dog trainer you can sign up to one of our Instructor courses which are held in various locations across the UK.

We love what we do and cannot wait to share the experience with you!

Jamie & Gemma Pound 

UK Sniffer Dogs