Returns and Refunds

Payment for WORKSHOPS, TRIALS AND 121 CONSULTATIONS - Non attendance will result in a loss of your booking (unless cancelled by UK SNIFFER DOGS in which case we will carry the payment forward and reschedule your booking) 

Payments for any bookings are non refundable and non transferable. 

Payments are required prior to your booking, your place will not be reserved until we have received payment. 

Any injury to a person or a dog is the sole responsibility of the owner.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves at our training classes, please dont allow your dog to interact with another dog without asking the owner first. Please keep interactions short and sweet. 

It is the owners responsibility to keep up to date with your dogs annual vaccinations. Due to the number of dogs we have at our training ground we would ask that your dog has the Kennel Cough vaccination. 

Puppy Vaccinations - Puppies must of had their 1st set of vaccinations before attending our classes, this is done at the discretion of the owner. All clients must be aware that our classes may have mixed levels of vaccinated puppies attending. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing that you understand the risks and accept full reponsibility for any illness that may occur. 

We use the Yellow Dog "I NEED SPACE" scheme in our classes, if you see a dog with a yellow, lead cover or bandanna please give that dog and owner plenty of space. There are a whole number of reasons why a dog may be wearing a yellow dog marker, it may mean they are nervous, recovering from an injury, excitable or reactive to other dogs. If you would like your dog to have a Yellow Dog marker please let one of the instructors know at the beginning of the class and before you get your dog out of the car. 

Please ensure you arrive on time for you class to avoid any disruption to the other dogs and owners that are already working. 

Should you have any doubt if training may be cancelled e.g. weather conditions etc., please call check your emails, txts, voicemails, we will also have notifications on Facebook.

If your dog goes to the toilet on our training ground, please bag it up and put it in the bin provided by the tent. Please avoid allowing your dog to urinate on our equipment however we know accidents happen so if this does happen please bring it to the attention of one of the instructors so it can be cleaned up.