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Susan Davies


Gold Scent Detection Instructor


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Sue is an experienced Instructor offering Bronze Silver Gold and continuation classes in Scent Dectection.


Alfie is an Entlebucher who was born in lockdown and became extremely reactive. He got "expelled" from 2 dog training groups and I was recommended Sniffer dog classes run by Sue and Julie. They agreed to take him on and as promised, they have microscopically managed Alfies needs. In a year he has learnt to stay calmer and loves the tasks he is set. Unbelievably, he has earned his bronze and silver awards and will work for his gold. I can't thank Sue and Julie enough for not giving up on us when we felt on our own. Dog tales comes highly recommended. 💙

Megan and Alfie (13/10/2023)

We have a troubled rescue beagle who we thought would not enjoy the situation of being in a small group with other dogs. She has come on leaps and bounds thanks to the skill and patience of Sue and Julie. Rosie is progressing through the course and although she gets easily distracted, excels at the challenges set by Sue. Rosie will be Rosie, but by making her use her nose and giving her tasks, she seems happy and this also increases the bond between us. I'm am happy that I found this group, and happy to travel the extra distance to be tutored by Sue.

Tony Duffy (11/10/2023)

I have a show cocker spaniel (Huxley) who has been doing scent work for around a year now. He has done bronze, silver and finally just completed gold. Sue is a pleasure to be around, she is knowledgeable on the classes she teaches and knows an awful lot about dog training in general. I would honestly recommend anyone to Sue and I will be continuing training with her in any form she offers.

Kyle and Huxley (11/10/2023)

I have a highly strung working cocker who needed a job. I was recommended Sue Davies whom has been supportive and brilliant at delivering her training. Juno now behaves dutifully in class and loves going to scent training. This is a great way to bond with your dog and would highly recommend Sue and Julie in delivering the best training in scent work

Mary & Juno (17/08/2023)

We have been through the Bronze and Silver courses, as well as the intro to mantrailing with Sue so far. Our rescue is very nervous and can be quite reactive but he has got so much from these classes.. He absolutely loves scentwork (as do we!) and now whines with excitement when we pull into the car park. These classes have helped a lot with his confidence. Sue has been absolutely brilliant with him, ensuring that training environment works for him and that we adapt what we do, when necessary, to ensure he is setup for success. Sue has a very calm manner and clear way of explaining things and is obviously extremely experienced. I highly recommend her classes to anyone thinking of trying scent training.

Emma & Topper (15/08/2023)

I found Sue Davies 4 years ago, I had a bouncy boxer that had no focus with me. Sue introduced us to Uk Sniffer dogs and what a miracle worker she is,As an instructor she is calm explains everything in a way we all understand. The classes are fun and very informative, I would highly recommend her.

Julie Sales (04/08/2023)

I decided to try scent work for my little dachshund and what a great choice .she loves it and works so hard that when we get home she goes straight to sleep. She has problems being round other dogs but at this training she seems to forget that she is near other dogs as she wants to work hard. Sue is an amazing teacher and helps and encourages both you and the dog. I would definitely recommend Sue and her classes to anyone that wants to do something different with their dogs and have really great fun at the same time.

Sally (04/08/2023)

Finding Sue and joining her scent work classes has been amazing for us, not only does it provide us with an activity to do together and Koppa with a job to do, it has also created a stronger bond for us. Sue is absolutely wonderful, she ensures she provides time and patience to everyone in her class, always taking the time to explain things in simple ways, offering advice for improvement and guiding you through. Her understanding of the dogs in her classes and commitment to all in attendance is outstanding. 5* instructor.

Afton and Koppa (03/08/2023)

We’ve had the privilege of attending 3 of Sue's sniffer dog courses now and I must say they are outstanding! From start to finish Sue demonstrated her expertise and passion for training sniffer dogs in a relaxed and informative environment. I would without reservation recommend attending one.

Andy & Mabel (03/08/2023)

I cannot tell you how much my dog Blue and I enjoy the classes we have been to with Sue and Julie. I never thought Blue would search and find as well as he does. We have so far achieved Bronze 1&2 and Silver in scent training and will be starting Gold in September. Sue has given both me and Blue so much confidence. Thank you and I very much look forward to progressing with your great help

Pat Blackman (03/08/2023)

I have a rescue dog who can be nervous in some situations. I decided to try Scent Work to see if she enjoyed it, and was fortunate to find Sue Davies of Dog Tales. Since then we have completed courses up to Gold. My Dog loves it , she is confident when she is working and even when we practice at home she gets excited. We both love the classes and Sue is an excellent teacher and makes the classes both challenging and fun. I can highly recommend Sue to teach and guide anyone and their dog in this great activity.

Hilary (01/08/2023)