Meet our Head Instructors!

Jamie Pound

Jamie Pound is both the Founder of UK Sniffer Dogs and Director of Jamie Pound Dog Training. Jamie became a dog trainer in 2013 after suffering horrific burns as an electrician in 2010. He spent 3 years retraining whilst going through rehabilitation for his burns injuries which completely changed his career path and now works with his passion, dogs!
Jamie Pound Dog Training consists of two training schools, Chorleywood Dog Training & Berkhamsted Dog Training. Currently in 2
021 there are over 200 pet dogs per week enjoying group classes and workshops run by Jamie and his team. The most popular classes being UK Sniffer Dogs - adding scent detection to our schools has been fantastic for both our clients and us as a business.
In 2020 Jamie won “Dog Trainer & Behaviourist of the year” in a nationally recognised award for his work with pet dogs and their owners. In 2021 Jamie and his wife Gemma took UK Sniffer Dogs to Dragon’s Den on BBC. Although they didn’t get investment the Dragons were very impressed with UK Sniffer Dogs.

Jamie formed UK Sniffer Dogs in 2018 after realising how beneficial scent activities were for his reactive dog Frankie. Jamie then not only started to apply scent activities to reactive dogs in 121 consultations but in group classes for fun and started to see the benefits for not just reactive dogs but all dogs, of all breeds, of any age and their owners.
Jamie has now trained over 200 other dog trainers in practical instructor courses since 2018, giving them the tools and knowledge to teach UK Sniffer Dogs within their own pet dog schools. Jamie has also taken the courses online, allowing us to have instructors and pet dog owners participating in UK Sniffer Dogs globally.
Jamie truly believes every dog should become a “UK Sniffer Dog”.


Mike Newland

Mike Newland is a UK Sniffer Dogs Head Instructor as well as a Director at Adolescent Dogs in Guildford, a successful company that has trained over 15,000 pet dogs and their owners since 2006.  His passion is in behaviour modification and he specialises in the rehabilitation of pet dogs with reactivity and aggression issues. Having worked with some of the worlds most renowned trainers, he has developed a training programme that combines science-based training, ACE and scent work to successfully rehabilitate dogs and to train owners. 
Mike loves working with a range of dogs at his UK Sniffer Dogs classes.  Often not welcome in ‘mainstream’ classes, reactive dogs and their owners enjoy the safe haven that his class environment provides; whilst puppies and adult dogs alike really benefit from the mental stimulation and enrichment.
Mike works with pet dog owners, trainers and behaviourists on a one to one basis and via workshops   as well as running specialist webinars for dog trainers across the world via his Online Academy, which has helped to train over 2,000 dogs since 2020. 
Involved with dog rescues on a regular basis, Mike also volunteers his time to work with some of the most challenging behavioural cases to help them to find forever homes, fostering reactive dogs to help with their rehabilitation, and organising staff training days to provide hands on training to staff and volunteers.  He also visits local Veterinary Centres to provide seminars on running successful puppy classes and giving up to date information on socialisation, diet and behaviour.


Alex Butler

Alex’s love of dogs started when she was 11 years old, when her family were puppy walkers for Guide Dogs for the Blind, training them until they were 12 months old.  After leaving University, Alex joined the police force and took on her own dog from her local rescue centre, Bear a 50kg Rottweiler. 
Whilst working in the police force and working lots of missing person cases she became interested in how dogs could assist in these cases and why they weren’t used more.  This led to her starting research in Trailing dogs; 2 years later she bought her first Malinois, training her independently to become an operational trailing dog – they were called upon many times to assist the police with missing person cases!  She also started to develop her interest into detection/search dogs, additionally training a Cadaver dog independently.
In 2013 Alex left the police to pursue a career fully immersed in Dogs and set up her own business, then named Bear. Building both a boarding kennels and dog training business from scratch, she continued to work the operational dogs, all whilst studying and achieving a wide range of dog related qualifications.   
In 2016 Alex started offering Trailing workshops for pet dogs – a skill just as important for pet dogs as it is for working dogs as well as helping with so many behavioural issues and improving the bond between dog and owner. The success of these classes led to her also offering detection classes to pet dog owners.
Alex soon realised that whilst it was the same discipline, the process of scent work training for pet dogs was worlds apart from training operational dogs!  Luckily in 2019 she stumbled across UK Sniffer Dogs and she achieved both Bronze and Silver Instructor levels.  This gave her the framework to make her pet dog scent classes fun and interactive and definitely not tedious and repetitive!  She was able to reach more pet dog owners to get their dogs into scent work – either for fun or to assist in overcoming behavioural issues.
In 2020 she rebranded her business to Enigma Canine, moved to a larger training site and restructured to offer Scent Detection and Trailing as the focal point of her workshops and classes. She also still trains and deploys her operational Trailing and Detection dogs but on a larger scale, working mainly Malinois’ and Labradors. 
“Within UK Sniffer Dogs I’ve found a supportive community who work together, assist each other and, most importantly, have fun.  Becoming a Head Instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs is an absolute honour and I can’t thank Jamie & Gemma Pound enough for this opportunity!”